What is Bluetooth Smart Watch

Thinking in Buying a Bluetooth Smartwatch? You Need to Read This!

How amazing would it be to have a Bluetooth smartwatch that can monitor your heart rate, the levels of oxygen in your blood, your sleep patterns, and even your stress levels? Impressed? We can’t start talking about the best Bluetooth smartwatch without mentioning the Virmee VT3 Plus. And why? Because the Virmee VT3 Plus is it’s the perfect example of what the best smartwatch can do. With all the features and more of a smartwatch, the Virmee VT3 Plus is ahead of its time, and it’s stealing the show of many well-known smartwatch brands.

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What is Bluetooth Smart Watch

What is Bluetooth Smart Watch?

Smartwatches are digitalized watches that read the time, just like any other watch, and feature many other traits that allow you to have many functions, such as working as a fitness tracker. Many smartwatches can connect with Bluetooth, which will allow you to link your smartwatch with your phone. This will enable you to be notified of calls and messages even if you don’t have your phone with you.

A Bluetooth smartwatch is perfect for everyone, but you will love the features that smartwatches like the Virmee VT3 Plus can offer you if you enjoy exercising. With the help of the best fitness tracking features, a Bluetooth smartwatch will allow you to always be on time while keeping track of time.

To enjoy the best Bluetooth smartwatches’ entire features, you will usually need to link them by enabling your Bluetooth and merging your phone with your smartwatch. There is also the opportunity to download the app (specially designed for the smartwatch) and track your results at all times.

For example, when you get the Virmee VT3 Plus smartwatch, you can download their app that is compatible with android and iOS.

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The most common features of a Bluetooth smartwatch include:

  • Keep a healthier and more active life.
  • Understand the quality of your sleep patterns.
  • Monitor your daily steps are taken, distance, and burned calories.
  • Keep track of your heart rate, blood saturation, and stress levels.
  • Get your phone notifications sent to your smartwatch instantly.

Do all smartwatches have Bluetooth?

No, not all. It’s common to find fitness smartwatches that have no Bluetooth. Those are usually fitness trackers that help some of the smartwatch features but without the possibility to connect it with your phone. Meaning that you will not sync your smartwatch to your smartphone. This will unable to enjoy many of the features that a Bluetooth smartwatch can offer you.

What Can a Bluetooth Smart Watch Do?

Having a Bluetooth smartwatch will allow you to connect your phone with your watch, meaning that when someone calls you or texts you, there will be a notification on your smartwatch as well. However, this is only one of many things that a smartwatch can actually do. When considering buying a high-quality smartwatch like the Virmee VT3 Plus, you will get a lot of amazing features.

Here are just some of the many features that come with a Bluetooth smartwatch such as Virmee VT3 Plus :

A Beautiful Display Screen and Resolution

Most of the smartwatches have a pretty big display but not that big that makes it uncomfortable. For example, the Virmee VT3 Plus holds a 1.57-inch screen that is perfect for reading all the notifications and making full usage of the touch screen. Most Bluetooth smartwatches also come with an HD resolution with giving a beautiful touch to the final image.

Water and Dust Resistance

Smartwatches also are resistant to dust, and in some cases, you will be able to swim while wearing them. If we look at the Virmee VT3 Plus smartwatch, its design was built with IP68 waterproof, making it possible for you to wear it still when swimming. An amazing feature to hold especially if you swim as a form of exercise. The IP68 also makes it completely dustproof.

Tracks Your Heart Rate

Smartwatches can track your heart rate at all times, making it easier for you to know when you should slow down. The unique sensors support you by capturing authentic readings. You will be able to see your highest & lowest heart rate reading during the entire day. This will help you to maintain your well being at all times.

Keeps Track Of How Much You Sleep

This is one of the beautiful features that astonishing smartwatches as the Virmee VT3 Plus can offer you. Thanks to its smart tracker, you will be able to keep track of your sleep patterns. In fact, you will be able to monitor several stages of sleep. .This can help you to improve your sleep and have a better quality of life.

Checks Your Oxygen in Blood

One of the many features that smartwatches like the Virmee VT3 Plus also comes with is a SpO2 sensor that will monitor the saturation of oxygen present in the blood. This is helpful to control whether you have or not any respiratory conditions at all times.

Evaluates Your Stress Levels

As your mental health is so important, it’s nice to know that smartwatches can also help you with this by monitoring your stress levels throughout the day. The stress tracking mode monitors stress state data & syncs it so that you can always take the necessary actions in reducing your stress levels. An incredible feature that helps to boost your mental health.

Includes Exercise Modes

Most smartwatches offer some exercise modes. When it comes to the Virmee VT3 Plus, the number of exercise modes is 18 in total. The different exercise modes including in the Virmee VT3 Plus includes walking, running, swimming, basketball, cycling, dancing, yoga, sit-ups, ice skating, aerobics, rope skipping, badminton, soccer, volleyball, tennis, table tennis, and climbing. Smartwatches are a great way to monitor your fitness while encouraging you to be more active.


Thanks to the addition of Bluetooth, smartwatches can get immediate notifications of calls and messages on the screen. You can read the messages right from your wrist. However, you may have to reply directly on your phone as not all Bluetooth smartwatches support texting or calling. This is helpful, especially during a busy day when you are not able to check your phone.

Other features include a stopwatch, timer, compass, alarm clock, and event reminder.


A smartwatch is so much more than a pretty screen that can read the time and track your steps. Thanks to the addition of Bluetooth and advantageous wellbeing traits such as monitoring your heart rate and stress levels, you will lead a healthy lifestyle. The exercise mode can also help you to keep motivated on your daily exercise goals. If you are considering buying a smartwatch, then the Virmee VT3 Plus will exceed any of your expectations of what the best Bluetooth smartwatch should be able to offer.

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