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The Best Popular Women & Men Smart Watch in The Market

Men’s smart watches and women’s smart watches are getting more popular every day. Smart watches like the Virmee VT3 and VT3 Plus offer several benefits like Bluetooth connectivity to smartphones, making and receiving phone calls, receiving and reading messages, alternating watch faces, heartbeat and other health sensors, water resistance, activity, and fitness detection, and lots more.

There are various male and female smart watches in the market, and picking one out of the available options could be challenging. But you don’t need to worry. We’ve done all the hard work for you. We’ll tell you what a smart watch is and how to select the best ones, which are the Virmee VT3 and VT3 Plus.  

Read on to find out more about buying a smart watch and choosing one.  

What is a Men Smart Watch or a Women Smart Watch?

Best Popular  men smart watch 2021

A smart watch is a watch that comes with several computerized features. It is a wearable computer that offers several features. They serve as digital computers, smartphone alternatives, wearable fashion accessories, and health/fitness trackers.

They are the same size as a regular watch, yet they can do so many things. You can pair them with your smartphone, check your calendar, set alarms, receive calls, read messages, and do several other things with them.    

What are The Things to Look Out for Before You Buy Smart Watch?

Before you buy a smart watch, you must watch out for the following:

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  1. Features: The range of features that comes with a smart watch will determine how valuable it is or not. You don’t want to buy a limited smart watch that has little to nothing to offer you. Look for a smart watch like the Virmee VT3 that offers you several features.
  2. Health and fitness tracking: Smart watches are now helping people to keep fit and track their fitness. A good men smart watch or women smart watch should track the number of steps you take per day and your heart rate. It should also detect when you are engaged in any physical activity and record your activity level.    
  3. Comfortability: A good male/female smart watch should be comfortable to wear.  
  4. Pricing and affordability: You shouldn’t have to break the bank to buy a good smart watch. Smart watches often cost the same or even cheaper than regular smart watches these days. You get more features than a traditional watch at an affordable price.
  5. Style: A watch is mostly worn as a fashion accessory, and a smart watch shouldn’t be different. You’ll want a stylish, good-looking smart watch that looks good on you and almost every outfit you wear.

Some smart watches come with boring, mediocre, outdated designs that won’t look good on you or your clothes. Other smart watches are well-designed to suit your taste and make you look suave and elegant. Look out for these ones.      

  • Smartphone compatibility: A good smart watch should be compatible with your Android or Apple smartphone.
  • Battery life: A good smart watch should come with lengthy battery life. You don’t want something that you’ll need to charge after a few hours. An ideal smart watch should offer at least one to two days of battery life. Powerful smart watches like the Virmee VT3 comes with 15 days of battery life.  

What Men Smart Watch and Women Smart Watch Brand is Recommended?

The Virmee VT3 and VT3 plus are the best smart watch brands in the market. They offer a unique mix of loaded features, comfortability, and affordability while remaining classy and fashionable. You won’t find any better smart watch brand in the market.

Why are The Virmee VT3/VT3 Plus Smart watches the Best in The Market?

The Virmee VT3/VT3 Plus has the following features that make them the best male/female smart watches you can buy.

  1. Affordability: The Virmee smart watches are one of the most affordable smart watches that you can get with loads of features.
  2. Smartphone App: The Virmee VT3 and VT3 Plus smart watches come with iOS and Android apps that pair with your smart watch and give you optimal use and connectivity.
  3. Notifications, calls, and alerts: With the Virmee VT3 and VT3 Plus, you can receive calls, read messages, and receive emails and social media notifications.   
  4. 18-exercises fitness tracking and activity detection: Whether you are running, swimming, jogging, lifting weights, or carrying out other physical activities, the Virmee smart watches can detect your activity and track them efficiently.

The smart watches can detect up to 18 exercises, including jogging, walking, running, swimming, tennis, ice skating, volleyball, yoga, badminton, basketball, cycling, football, aerobics, table tennis, dancing, rope skipping, sit-ups, and climbing.   

For example, if you are running, the Virmee watch can detect your pace and the number of steps taken. If you are swimming, the smart watch will tell you how many strokes you have taken.

The tracked statistics are also synced to your smartphone, so you can evaluate them later, compare and see how you have improved or what you need to do to improve. This is perfect for sportsmen and sportswomen.

  • Sleep tracking: The Virmee VT3 and VT3 Plus can detect when you are asleep and track the number of hours spent sleeping. It keeps tracks of light sleep, deep sleep, and REM sleep. This can help you to establish a proper and consistent sleep rhythm.  
  • Waterproof: Virmee smart watches are rated IP-68 waterproof, so you can take the watch for a quick dive or use them under rainfall.
  • Health monitoring features: Buy smart watch like the Virmee for health monitoring features like heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), stress level measurement, and more.    
  • Battery life and Quick Charge: The Virmee VT3 and VT3 plus can last for more than seven days on one charge. What’s more, they charge fast! You can charge them fully in 2 hours.  
  • Design: The Virmee range of smart watches come with a nice, classy design. You can customize the watch face as you please, and you can choose between three strap variants.

Which Women Smart Watch and Men Smart Watch Should You Buy Between the Virmee VT3 and VT3 Plus?

Best Popular women smart watch 2021

The Virmee VT3 is an affordable smart watch that comes with all the benefits listed above. The VT3 Plus comes with extended battery life, additional sensors, and a better display.

The VT3 plus is a badass on its own, but if you want something better that costs a little more, you can buy the Virmee VT3 Plus.    


As you can see, the best popular women smart watch and men smart watch that you can buy is the Virmee VT3 and VT3 plus. They offer all that you need in a smart watch. You can’t go wrong with these watches.

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