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What Smartwatch Should I Buy?

Having a smartwatch is a fantastic way to track time, set alarms, and check the calendar. They serve as an extension for your mobile phone, being able to receive notifications at the go. But the most exciting benefit is their ability to measure different health and fitness metrics!

However, with the plethora of models in the market, it’s quite tricky to select the right one, and this leads to the question; “what smartwatch should I buy?”

There’s no need to stress as in this guide; we’ve recommended the best smartwatch for you- Virmee VT3. We’ve also highlighted all the essential boxes to check in your smartwatch pre-buying process to ensure your hard-earned money goes for a worthwhile wearable!

Virmee VT3: The Best Smartwatch To Buy

The VT3 is a lightweight wearable that helps you receive messages, calls, and keeps track of your fitness and health exercises. Its ability to track 18 fitness exercises is a unique one that users love. Long battery life is also a norm with this smart device.

Features To Check For In A Smartwatch

1. Mobile Compatibility

Do you use an iPhone or Android? Whichever one it is, before buying the perfect smartwatch, ensure that it’s compatible with your mobile phone. This factor is because some devices are selective. Fortunately, with the Virmee VT3, there’s no need to fret as it can connect to both iPhones and Android, provided you download the right application!

2. Fitness Metrics

Are you a fitness enthusiast? Then ensure that your perfect smartwatch arrives with different features that can keep track of fitness and health metrics like heart rate, calories burned, steps count, and so on. With the Virmee VT3, you’ve got no need to worry as it doesn’t only keep track of running, heart rates, and all, but it’s also measures up to 18 physical exercises and sports that people usually do!

3. Charging and Long Battery Life

To avoid running over to the charging port too frequently, you need to ensure your smartwatch arrives with long battery life. Generally, these devices are known for their short battery span, but you can get some that last longer, over a week or more, and perform optimally.

The Virmee VT3 is just the perfect smartwatch to buy! First of all, it’s charging process is a quick one- 2 hours max, and finally, it has a long battery life! You can get up to 15 days of usage from this smartwatch even with no charge. What else do you want?

4. Design

Although smartwatches play a significant role in fitness and other activities, they’re also wearable for fashion. So, before you hit the purchase button on the best smartwatch to buy, ensure it has fancy designs and looks good on the eyes. Check out the straps. Are they easy to remove and replace? Do they come with extra ones with different designs?

With the Virmee VT3, you’ve got no need to stress as it allows you to customize the face, change between three fancy strap designs, and have a great design that looks good on the eyes!


Getting a smartwatch is now valuable both as a fashion and a fitness device! But which one is best for you? How do you select the perfect one to use? That’s what we’ve explained! We recommended the Virmee VT3, and we hope you love the product!

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