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How Do I Use The Smartwatch?

The Virmee VT3, like most smartwatches, helps you track time, set alarms, and, yes, measure different health metrics. Now that you’ve gotten the device, the next obvious step is to set it up and get it all running!

In this guide, you’ll learn how to get started with the device, including the customization options, app connecting process, and every other thing to get you started!

VT3 smart watch using tips

What’s in the Box

The Virmee VT3 smart fitness watch comes with a charging cable, three extra watch bands, and a user manual. Now let’s get you started on how to set up, connect, and use this smart device!

Get it Running

Before you begin using the Virmee VT3, charge it to full- this process is pretty fast- 2 hours, and you’re good to go! The charging cable has a magnetic end (holding the charging pins) and a USB end. To charge, connect the former to an adapter, USB port, or power bank, and the charging pins to the watch!

Changing the Looks

Smartwatches are an excellent device for fitness and health metrics tracking, yes, but since it’s a wearable, you’ll need a fashionable one that looks good on the eyes. Fortunately, with the VT3, you can change its looks as you please, thanks to the three extra straps and easy customization. What about the process? It’s straightforward!

  • Turn to the underside of the watch, press the quick-release lever and gently detach the original band.
  • Take the preferred band, slide it into the watch, ensuring the pin gets into the notch properly. Next, press the quick-release lever, and voila, it’s all set!

Watch Functionality

To turn on the watch, press the power button for 3-4 seconds and choose your language. Shutting down is also a similar process- press and hold the power button for 2-3 seconds.

Functions Overview

The touch navigation for the Virmee VT3 is super simple. Swipe up or down to open the four interfaces- Calories, Steps, Reading, and Stand. The Calories help you track how many calories you’ve burned. Steps for step counts, stand to know how long you’ve been standing and the reading to track different health metrics.

The VT3 also arrives with 18 applications that, with a simple swipe left or right, allows you to track different exercises like soccer, swimming, basketball, climb, yoga, and so on!

Want to go swimming or any favorite activity? Select the sport on the watch, and tap start. To pause, long-press the power button, tap play to resume, and if you’re done, swipe left, select end, and stop the tracking! To access this data, swipe up and finally left to go to the home screen.

Operating Via Mobile Application

The VT3 smartwatch can connect with both iPhones and Android- a feature other folks wish they had! What about the connecting process? It’s a breeze! Follow these steps below;

  • Go to Playstore or AppStore, search and download the Virmee App. You can also get it by scanning the QR code on the package.
  • On the watch, slide left/right to Settings, and then tap About to show the Bluetooth name.
  • Next, allow a Bluetooth connection on your phone.
  • Open the Virmee app, following the easy in-app instructions, register, and create a profile.
  • Finally, click on device>Search again, connect to the Virmee_XXXX WiFi, and voila, you’ve connected your smartwatch to the app!

App Functionality

The Virmee app provides a lot of functionality from setting alarms, reminders, taking photos to change screen brightness, and lots more that’ll give you the best experience while using the smartwatch!

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