VT3 smart wathc slepp setting

Activate the Sleep Tracking Option on My VT3 Smartwatch

If you just bought a VT3 smartwatch, you may find yourself navigating through the configuration menu. At first, it may seem a bit overwhelming by the large number of options it offers. But little by little, you will discover what each option is for and how to configure it properly.

VT3 smart watch Sleep Tracking

In this guide, you will find the steps to follow to properly configure your sleep tracker on the smartwatch.

Step 1. Search the app on the mobile

When you first buy a VT3 smartwatch, you will need to connect your watch with your mobile phone.

On the side of the smartwatch box, you will find a QR code that you can scan, or you can go to the app store and search for the “Virmee” app. You should get an app whose logo has a gray background and a golden image.

Step 2. Configure the app

When you open the application for the first time it will let you create your user. That way, you will have all the information stored in the cloud, in case you need to change devices.

Once that is done, the application will ask you for your general information: gender, height, weight, and age. With this data, the watch can make more precise graphs and calculations.

Step 3. Turn on the smartwatch

The first thing it will ask you when you turn on the smartwatch will be to select the language in which you want to configure it. Once that is selected, you will see the home screen.

On your watch, slide the home screen to one of the sides to access the menu. There you will find the “Settings” button, then go to “About“. In that section, you will find the details of the smartwatch, including its name.

Step 4. Connect both devices

When both are on, get ready to connect them via Bluetooth.

To do this, you must go to your “Profile” in your phone application and select the “Permission settings” button. Give the watch full permission to your phone, because if not, the synchronization is likely to fail (included the sleeping tracker). Especially if you use an Android phone, you will need to give it permission to access your location so that it can synchronize the watch correctly.

To synchronize both devices, you will need to go to the “Device” option on the main screen of the mobile application. In it, the “Smartwatch” option will appear, accompanied by a drawing of it and a plus sign button. When the devices appear, activate the one named after your watch. It should have a name like “VIRME_XXXX“.

Step 5. Activate sleep tracking options

The watch supports sleep tracking by default, however, it may not work if you don’t have all the permissions accepted.

If that is your case, go back to Step 4 (enter “Profile“, then “Permission settings“) and check the “Storage permission” option. You must have the storage permission activated so that the watch can save all the data and work properly.

If your phone is synchronizing, wait for the sync to finish. It may take up to two minutes, but it is important not to interrupt the process so that it can perform its function correctly.

And remember that the watch only tracks sleep from 8:00 pm to 9:00 am.

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